Dr. Fauci Claims People Should Not “Trivialize” COVID-19

Dr. Fauci Claims People Should Not

(UnitedVoice.com) – Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s top infectious disease experts, weighed in on the COVID-19 pandemic during an Oct. 5 interview at The New Yorker Festival. Dr. Fauci remains cautiously optimistic about the nation’s eventual return to normal but warned Americans not to “trivialize” the virus’ serious nature.

New Yorker contributor Michael Specter asked Dr. Fauci about President Trump’s optimistic tweet from Walter Reed Medical Center telling Americans not to fear COVID-19, not to let it “dominate” their lives.

Dr. Fauci responded that a significant percentage of the population testing positive for the virus exhibit no symptoms of the disease, and those who do, typically have only mild symptoms. However, he cautioned that the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions could experience a more “severe outcome.”

Concluding his remarks, Dr. Fauci stated the best approach is to “avoid infection” in the first place and never to “trivialize” the pandemic.

Anthony Fauci’s Optimism

Dr. Fauci does retain an optimistic outlook regarding the nation’s ability to bounce back from the pandemic by exercising some sensible precautions.

Speaking at the WIRED25 event on Sept. 30, Fauci cautioned that the winter months could be a trying time for Americans. However, he stated the nation could reverse the current trend of about 40,000 new infections per day.

“We’re not talking about shutting down anything,” he stated, adding a cautious approach to reopening the nation’s economy requires people to:

  1. Avoid crowds;
  2. Host gatherings outdoors whenever possible;
  3. Maintain social distance;
  4. Wash their hands frequently; and
  5. Wear masks, “uniformly.”

By following those five steps, Dr. Fauci also believes the country can effectively offset the impact of influenza, an additional concern as the country moves towards winter.

As the president pointed out, there’s no reason to let the pandemic “dominate your life.” A rational, cautious approach to getting on with our lives, coupled with the exercise of common-sense precautions, will be key to the successful reopening of the nation’s economy.

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