Economist Says Overturning Roe v. Wade Could Reverse Economic Gains

Economist Says Overturning Roe v. Wade Could Reverse Economic Gains

Roe V. Wade Overturn Could Reverse Economy

( – For decades, pro-choice activists and Democrats argued that abortion was about a woman’s right to choose what she wanted to do with her body. In late June or early July, the US Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade. Now, it appears that some Progressives are adding to their narrative. Not only does a woman have a right to choose what she does with her body, but according to some on the Left, abortion is also an economic issue.

While the morality of abortion has been at the center of the argument between pro-life and pro-choice Americans for decades, some now want to make it an economic issue. During oral arguments before the Supreme Court in December, one pro-choice leader argued that banning abortion would harm low-income women by stopping them from participating in workplace advancements and society. Recently, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said eliminating abortion could reverse economic gains made by women that benefit the overall US economy.

Economists Say Banning Abortion Harmful to Women’s Futures and Economy

Caitlin Myers is an economics professor at Middlebury College. She told the New Yorker she helped gather a list of 150 economists last fall who contributed to an amicus brief supporting abortion ahead of the December Supreme Court hearing in a Mississippi case before the Supreme Court. Myers said statistical evidence supports how unwanted pregnancies impact a women’s education, job, future earning potential, and the labor market.

Myers argued women who had access to abortion were more likely to finish college, get a higher degree, spend more time in the workforce, and get higher-paying jobs than those who delivered their babies. The New Yorker stated that child care is expensive, justifying abortion. Harvard professor Claudia Goldin and Cornell Professor Francine Blau said there’s a reduction in the gender pay gap when abortions are legal.

Additionally, Myers said legalizing abortion increases Black women’s participation in the workforce, and those who receive abortions see a rise of 10% in wages later in their careers.

Conservatives Counter: The Benefits of Abortion Don’t Outweigh the Costs

The National Right to Life estimates that since Roe went into effect in 1973, women have received 63 million abortions. While the Left argues abortion is an economic benefit, conservative economists see it as an economic determinant. In 2000, economist John Mueller argued differently. He said abortion was a more negative crisis than the Great Depression or World War II. He said that reducing the size of the US population through abortion threatened economic growth and future innovations.

Mueller contended the nation’s population would be larger, there would be more intact marriages and two-parent families, and the living standards of Americans would be higher without legalized abortion.

Myers and other pro-choice activists appear to argue that only the lives of those with happy lives are worth saving. In the end, economic choices are still moral choices.

The question for America is, is a life simply equated to a monetary value?

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