Educator Turns Classroom Into Indoctrination Center

Educator Turns Classroom Into Indoctrination Center

( – History repeats itself: a public school “teacher” has twisted that word from the once noble meaning of the profession as an educator into nothing but a political brainwashing hack. Once upon a time, schoolchildren were taught how to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions, but no more. Now they are taught what to believe with no room for discussion or debate.

A Disturbing Comparison

An eighth-grade instructor in the Wylie Independent School District (ISD) in Texas, distributed an example of a political cartoon to around 400 students as part of a Social Studies homework assignment. It was a five-panel depiction showing various white men kneeling on the neck of a black man in the following order:

  • Slave ship captain
  • 18th-century slave owner
  • A Klansman
  • A quintessential “good old boy” Sheriff [think Buford T. Justice from the movie Smokey and the Bandit]
  • A modern-day police officer

The man being knelt upon is intended to be George Floyd, who died in such a manner and is depicted progressively saying, “I can’t breathe.” It should come as no surprise to anybody that many parents and organizations like the National Fraternal Order of Police took great insult to this.

*WARNING: the following Tweet contains images that might be disturbing.

An Ugly Trend

Not long ago, you may have seen a story on this site about another progressive liberal push to insert an alternate history of the founding of the United States worthy of being called a sci-fi novel into school curriculums. It’s called “Project 1619,” and it is an attempt to rewrite the factual data of the founding of the country.

It started as a series of essays that was awarded a Pulitzer Prize that seems to have been given for the same reasons that President Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: politics. Even before its publication in the New York Times, it was debunked by former Pulitzer winners and historians for its false narrative.

The Socialist/Communist politicians like Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and “The Squad” that has loudly insinuated itself in the House of Representatives, acting in concert with Leftist media shills, and the Liberal “education” system are on a mission to transform America. If people fail to sit up and take note of what’s happening, their children and grandchildren may find themselves living in a country similar to the Soviet Union or the People’s Republic of China.

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