Election SHOCKER – These Winners are DEAD!

Lots of Dead People Winning Elections These Days

Lots of Dead People are Winning Elections These Days

(UnitedVoice.com) – When a candidate dies during an election cycle, they generally remain on the ballot. That’s because jurisdictions print the ballots well in advance, and there often isn’t time to reprint everything. Sometimes, voters elect dead people accordingly, which happened in three races this year.

On November 8, voters headed to the polls to elect their government representatives in various positions for the next few years. In Chula Vista, California, voters elected Democrat Simon Silva as the next city attorney. Still, that’s problematic because he died weeks ago.

Pennsylvania state Representative Tony DeLuca (D) won his race after dying from cancer in October. His state party thanked people for supporting him, even in death.

Tennessee State Representative Barbara Cooper (D) also died weeks before the election, but voters still chose her.

The 2022 midterms aren’t the first time a deceased person has won reelection from the grave. In 2020, Republican Roy Edwards, a Wyoming state representative, won reelection. He passed away from COVID-19 the day before his unopposed election. Two years before that, Nevada residents elected Republican Dennis Hof to the state assembly three weeks after he died.

The states where the deceased candidates won will now hold special elections to fill those seats.

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