Electric Cars DOOMED? Damning Report Released!

Consumer Reports Finds Electric Cars Less Reliable Than Gas-Powered Cars

Consumer Reports Finds Electric Cars Less Reliable Than Gas-Powered Cars

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Biden Administration wants us all to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) to save the planet, but there are serious questions about how environmentally friendly they really are. Now, a consumer survey has found a problem that might matter more to ordinary people. EVs are some of the least reliable vehicles on the market.

Last week, Consumer Reports released its annual report on vehicle reliability. The nonprofit collects this data by surveying its members to find out what kind of vehicles they have and whether they’ve had any problems with them in the last 12 months. Then, they collate the responses to rate vehicles by reliability.

The results aren’t good news for the fast-growing EV market. It seems if you want a reliable car, you should buy a hybrid or a mid-sized or large car with a gas-powered engine. Ones to avoid are full-size pickup trucks and EVs.

Of 24 brands ranked this year, EV pioneer Tesla came in 19th. Meanwhile, the most reliable brands were Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mazda, and Honda, with Lincoln and Buick rated as the best domestic brands in 10th and 11th place.

Only four electric vehicles had average reliability or better — the Kia EV6, Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, and Hyundai Ioniq 5. All the others, including the rest of the Tesla range, scored below average. If you’re pondering buying an electric vehicle, don’t just consider whether it’s good for the planet; you might also want to think about how important it is to get to where you’re going.

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