Elementary School Teacher Fired Over Disturbing Threats

Elementary School Teacher Fired Over Disturbing Threats

(UnitedVoice.com) – School teachers are supposed to be inclusive and professional. Those expectations extend to their behavior outside of work. A teacher in Texas was recently fired for her social media posts.

Danielle Allen, 29, was a first-grade teacher at Thompson Elementary School in Mesquite. On the social media platform X, she used the name “Claire Kyle.” Users Haley Kennington and Amiri King researched the account and revealed disturbing posts. The teacher reportedly bragged on the platform that she would never be fired. She asked questions like “Why shouldn’t I hate white people?” and described herself as a “black supremacist.”

According to Fox News, the teacher originally laughed off attempts to get her fired. She said that X users found her job and that administration told her to delete her offensive posts. She claimed her job was safe because she didn’t wish for “ALL white people” to be harmed.

In another post, she ranted about her sister dating a white man. She vowed to ruin their relationship and said she would have fun watching them break up. She declared she knew she was racist and asked people to kill her sister’s boyfriend, promising to help hide his body. She accused her sibling of having intimate relationships with all of Europe and declared their parents “raised [them] better.”

Allen allegedly said she was never going to be unemployed, but the Mesquite Independent School District had other plans. In a statement circulating online, the district announced they’d become “aware of a series of alarming, racist statements” posted on the social media platform by a teacher at Thompson Elementary. After learning about the posts, the district launched a probe and fired the educator. According to the post, she is “not eligible for rehire.”

The school district called the posts “highly offensive” and said they don’t “reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISD.”

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