Empowering Victims of Illegal Aliens, New Orleans Flooded, and New Twitter Ban Policy

Victims of Illegals Could Sue Sanctuary Cities

How is it just for illegal immigrants to get away with crimes that ordinary citizens would be arrested for? Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are among many Republicans seeking to answer this question. They’re proposing a bill that would enable victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities to sue those cities.

Finally, a law holding these cities accountable to their own “citizens!”

Illegals are often given better treatment than natural-born Americans. The Left benefits from more voters, so they use every trick in the book to “persuade” undocumented trespassers to pad the numbers of their supporters. This bill won’t solve every problem, but it’s one way to hold sanctuary cities accountable for the consequences of their policies.

Hurricane Barry Severely Damages New Orleans

New Orleans was hit hard by Hurricane Barry. Thankfully, the damage wasn’t as extensive as Katrina’s wake, but that doesn’t make the pill much easier to swallow for those who lost so much.

Most of the levees held aside from southeastern areas of the city. However, the entire city experienced 17 or more inches of continuous rain. It’ll be some time before New Orleans fully recovers from this brutal storm.

Twitter to Ban “Dehumanizing” Religious Bashing

Twitter is promising to equally protect all religions from “dehumanizing” comments. It would be great if we could take their word at face value. History proves, however, that their moderation policies are all too often targeting the Right.

Let’s pray that Christians get the same amount of protection from hate speech as Muslims do this time around.

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