Epstein and Clinton May Go Down Together

There’s one thing both Republicans and Democrats can agree on right now: Jeffery Epstein is a bad actor, and we don’t mean on stage. The billionaire and convicted sex offender, who was first held responsible for his crimes in 2008, is allegedly involved in the trafficking of underage girls for the purposes of sex.

The convicted pedophile was arrested yet again by the FBI on July 6, 2019, this time for sex trafficking.

But that’s really just where this strange story ends; where it begins — and the fact that he has ties to some of the biggest Democratic names, including the Clintons — has Americans calling for his head.

The Strange Story of Epstein’s Illegal Debauchery

First, here’s a little brief background info. The first report against Epstein occurred in 2005 when a young girl’s mother reported that an older girl escorted her daughter to the sex offender’s mansion. There, she was forced to strip and massage him.

A later investigation revealed that the incident wasn’t a one-time occurrence; instead, he had been involved with other underage girls, too. Some of the evidence centers around Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands — nicknamed “Pedophile Island” by many of the locals.

All of this should have been enough to see him behind bars. But Epstein wasn’t to be thwarted; he already had a plan in place.

A Confusing Exemption

Somehow — probably because of his money and connections — Epstein managed to wheedle Alexander Acosta, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time, into granting him a non-prosecution agreement.

His reasoning? Allegedly, Epstein “belonged to intelligence,” and prosecution was “above his pay grade.” The victims were never notified. The decision was partially overturned, and Epstein was still convicted of lesser crimes and sued by nearly 40 different women.

New Crimes, Same Criminal

Fast forward to today. Epstein is arrested on suspicion of sex crimes yet again. Investigators searched his Manhattan townhouse, finding a veritable database of child pornography images, diamonds, cash and at least one fraudulent passport assigning him a new identity out of Saudi Arabia.

Disturbingly, court documents from the current case show that Epstein trafficked around 40 young girls to his private island, Little Saint James, in the US Virgin Islands, over the course of several years. It isn’t clear just how many were directly involved in sex acts, but given the database of images found, the number is likely significant.

Because of Epstein’s original non-prosecution agreement, judges aren’t yet sure whether they can successfully charge the man. Florida’s Judge Kenneth Marra is expected to reach a decision this week.

The Clinton Connection

Epstein’s crimes are enough of a problem — once a pedophile, always a pedophile. But now, there is new evidence to show he may also be connected to a few other horrible criminals, too.

Namely, the Clintons.

Mr. Clinton claims he “knows nothing about the terrible crimes” Epstein committed, and that he never had any involvement in Little Saint James or sex trafficking.

But here’s the thing: we know the Clintons have a history of lying, and there’s plenty of evidence to show they may be lying now, too.

Clinton claims he took only four trips on Epstein’s airplane…yet these flight records sourced by Gawker show he took closer to a dozen – and these additional records put the number at closer to 26. There is also evidence that Clinton had dinner with Epstein at the upper East Side mansion where investigators found photographs of young girls back in 2003. And court documents show that Epstein’s phone book contained a whopping 20 contact numbers and emails for Clinton.

No one has that much contact info unless they are communicating with the person directly on a regular basis. No one.

As for Hillary? She’s also denying any knowledge of a connection, but the former Presidential hopeful has a history of lying to serve her own needs. There’s no reason to think she wouldn’t be complacent in her own husband’s connection to sex trafficking, and lie about it later, just to save face.

What’s the real story? It’s impossible to say, but we can almost guarantee new details will be revealed in the coming days. And no matter what side of the fence you’re on, we can all agree that pedophiles must be stopped.

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