Epstein Prison Guards Reveal Plan to Blame System in Defense

Epstein Prison Guards Reveal Plan to Blame System in Defense

(UnitedVoice.com) – In May, the two guards who were supposed to be keeping an eye on Jeffrey Epstein the night he hanged himself made a deal with prosecutors. Michael Thomas and Tova Noel admitted to falsifying documents the night the billionaire pedophile died to make it look as though they were checking on him. They were able to avoid jail time with the confession. New reports indicate they had other plans had they gone to court.

According to a May 31 New York Daily News report, the former correctional officers were going to attack the prison system for their crimes if they’d gone to trial. Sources said they were scapegoats in a dysfunctional system. The same sources said they believe federal prosecutors may have offered the deals because the guards planned to say “falsification of documents is common at the jail and throughout the Bureau of Prisons.”

Tyrone Covington, union president for American Federation of Government Employees Local 3148, said federal prisons are “severely understaffed.” He went on to say that the “whole system is broken.”

If the allegations are true, that’s very concerning. Federal prisons house some of the most dangerous criminals in America. If the guards aren’t properly watching them, that doesn’t just put the inmates at risk, it puts all of us at risk.

The DOJ has not commented on the allegations.

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