ESPN Star Reveals Why She Felt Forced to Quit

ESPN Star Reveals Why She Felt Forced to Quit

( – Vaccine mandates are a hotly debated topic right now. Millions of Americans believe they’re a violation of their personal rights and are leaving companies that require the shots. Former ESPN reporter, Allison Williams, is one who decided to leave her job. Now she’s speaking out about why she felt forced to quit.

On October 27, Williams spoke to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about her decision. The television host said he was moved by her story because she gave up so much to stand up for herself. The former ESPN reporter responded, saying she felt like she had to leave her position because they refused to try to accommodate her at all. She’d decided not to get the vaccine at this time because she wants to get pregnant. Although the CDC says vaccines are safe and effective for women who are trying to conceive, Williams wants to be cautious — as is her right.

The former sportscaster said she “had to do what was best for [her] health individually.”

Williams told Carlson’s audience to ask themselves whether the vaccine mandates have actually made them safer. She pointed to the staff shortages at hospitals and at police departments, wondering if Americans are truly better off. She said her job wasn’t really important, but the absence of other people, like servicemembers, will have terrible consequences.

At the end of the day, shouldn’t Americans have a right to decide what medical procedures they want to get?

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