Even DC Comics Doesn't Want AOC

In the world of entertainment media, copyright issues are a big deal. Having someone steal your work and share it as their own, potentially with financial benefit, can result in the original creator losing out on a small fortune.
People in creative industries know this. Most respect it, but there will always be a few who are out to take advantage of other people’s success.
Except for the Left, of course, who recently managed to dream up a comic book featuring Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as Wonder Woman.
No comments from AOC this time (she’s probably in hiding), but DC Comics certainly had a lot to say.

Key Points

  • A small company by the name of Devil’s Due created the copyright-breaking comic, titled, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & The Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis?”
  • The graphic of AOC on the front is admittedly different, but the one found inside is clearly identical to Wonder Woman. She’s pictured in the same outfit, the same headband, and even the same iconic letter on the middle of her chest. The only real difference is that letter happens to be an A instead of a W.
  • DC first found out about the comic book only days after it was released. They immediately filed an injunction against Devil’s Due, citing copyright issues and confirming that DD hadn’t licensed the content. Instead, they effectively committed content theft instead.
  • As of Sunday night, the criminal comic book had been completely removed from the shelves. Apparently DC doesn’t want AOC representing them, either.

Who can blame them?