Ex-Staffer Shares Inside Scoop on Melania Trump

Ex-Staffer Shares Inside Scope on Melania Trump
Ex-Staffer Shares Inside Scope on Melania Trump

We’ve talked about Melania here on United Voice before. She’s a polarizing woman! Depending on who you ask, the First Lady is either the best person in the White House or (according to the Left, mostly) the devil incarnate. Unfortunately, all of this conjecture usually means the truth is lost along the way.
Add to that the fact that Melania is a notoriously private woman, who prefers to keep her personal life, well, personal… and it can be hard to really get to know her.
Now, one ex-staffer is pulling back the veil to allegedly reveal a Melania who is stronger, more dedicated, and more loyal to her husband than anyone could ever really know. She is more than just a wife, or even the wife of a President; she’s Trump’s staunchest supporter and biggest defender.

Key Facts

  • The outspoken staffer who was so quick to stand up for our First Lady was Cliff Sims, a former Trump Aide. Sims also served on the White House communications team as an assistant to higher-ups.
  • The former communications staffer is also the author of a memoir called, “Team of Vipers: My Extraordinary 500 Days in the White House.” Inside, he talks extensively about Melania and Donald’s relationship and how close they seemed each time he encountered them.
  • The Left has been working hard to discredit the Trumps’ marriage since even before the President took office. But in the book, Sims directly contradicts many of these false talking points with what he claims are real-world, first-hand experiences.
  • The dedicated author details one such particularly moving event that supposedly took place on election night before Trump’s inauguration. Trump, learning of his win, became subtly overwhelmed. Melania immediately noticed, leaning in to squeeze his hand reassuringly. “We’re going to do this together” she said. “…and you’re going to be a great president.”
  • This quote directly contradicts comments from Left-leaning Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” Wolff claims that Melania “was in tears — and not of joy” at the news. Anyone with sense saw the ridiculousness of this fake news from day one, but some appreciated Sims’ alternative view.
  • Now, here’s where things take a confusing turn, because there might be more to this story. Although Sims’ support of Melania Trump is commendable, it appears even Donald Trump himself may be unhappy with “Team of Vipers.” We took a deeper look into the book and, for all intents and purposes, it seems Sims does just as much slandering as supporting.
  • For example, Sims directly accuses Trump of being “all about TV” at several points and heavily derides the President’s Faith Advisors. At one point, he also claims Melania is “nervous about her accent” and speaking in public. Sims also writes of an “OCD” Melania who is so picky about White House decorations, she fires a staffer dressed as the Easter Bunny because she hates the shade of blue he’s wearing.
  • Of the Faith Advisors, Sims says they were useless at best. He writes that they mostly “thanked God for the President” and argued about doing everything they could to support Trump publicly. “I just never saw anyone who was willing to say, “Mr. President, thank you for these things, but we are deeply troubled by x, y, or z issue,”” he writes.
  • The continuous back-and-forth leaves most readers confused. Is Sims in support of the President, or is he attempting to manipulate the reader by injecting just a little bit of truth into a series of lies? Certainly, his opinion of Melania’s loyalty does reflect what both she and her husband have claimed, but other topics seem to lack clarity or even insert false details.
  • Trump spoke out about the novel critically on Twitter. “A low-level staffer that I hardly knew named Cliff Sims wrote yet another boring book based on made up stories and fiction,” he posts. “He pretended to be an insider when in fact he was nothing more than a gofer. He signed a non-disclosure agreement. He is a mess!”

For those of you who sit on the right (or more accurately, on the side of truth), “Team of Vipers,” will likely leave you feeling uncomfortable. Supporting the First Lady and President Trump is important, but not if it means having to lie or fudge the details on other topics just to get your words read. All in all, the whole thing feels like just another plain and simple attempt to create chaos from someone who sees it as a way to achieve personal gain.