Expert: Joe Biden’s Immigration Plan Won’t Work

Expert: Joe Biden's Immigration Plan Won't Work

( – President Biden is rebuilding the nation’s immigration system to appease the far left of his party, reducing enforcement and resurrecting what critics call a “catch and release” policy for illegals. Now, a former immigration chief has slammed Biden’s reforms, warning the new approach just won’t work.

Talking to Fox News on February 20, former Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan said Biden’s immigration policy is “facilitating illegal immigration.” He pointed out that for years, if illegals made it as far as the US border they would effectively be allowed to disappear into the United States, “never to be heard from again.” That stopped when the Trump administration brought in the Remain in Mexico program – which has now been rescinded.

Morgan says that with illegals once more able to cross the border, and ICE stripped of their authority to arrest them, we’re in “a new era” of government-facilitated illegal entry. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are already warning of an approaching border crisis as illegals, lured by Biden’s lax policies, congregate in large groups south of the fence. The risk of disease – including COVID – is skyrocketing, while criminals could be coming in with impunity. In barely a month, years of security enhancements have been overturned, and we have four more years of this to go.

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