Experts Warn Russia Seems Focused on Nuclear War

( – Russia has repeatedly accused the US of fighting a proxy war through Ukraine. As the battle rages, the propagandists in the former Soviet Union have been busy. Most recently, Russian state media threatened nuclear war against America.

Igor Korotchenko, a regular guest on Russia 1 and editor of the newspaper National Defense, expressed irritation with people criticizing the country over its behavior during the war. He accused NATO Senior Mentor for Logistics Ben Hodges of threatening to attack Russia. Korotchenko claimed Hodges thought the US was considering military strikes on Russian naval bases in Syria, as well as Russia’s troops and Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.

Korotchenko said that Russia should discuss “the use and permissibility of tactical nuclear weapons” and the country’s goals. He boldly declared that Russia would not fight the US in Europe, insinuating they’d attack the American mainland. He repeated the threats while speaking to Yevgeny Popov, the anchor of “60 Minutes.” Korotchenko said Russia would launch its first strike “against targets on the territory of the” US.

Russia recently announced its Sarmat strategic missile system can now launch missiles that are allegedly capable of hitting the US.

Korotchenko isn’t the only Russian making threats. Major General Alexander Vladimirov, author of Russia’s so-called “war Bible,” said it was inevitable that “nuclear weapons will be used in this war.” He believes Russia will deploy them to end the conflict with Ukraine.

Newsweek reached out to Hodges and told him what Korotchenko said about hitting the US. The former general said he takes Russia’s threats seriously because they have “thousands of nuclear weapons,” and he doesn’t believe they care “how many innocent people may die.” However, he said he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is more effective when he doesn’t use those weapons because “They see how we self-deter.”

While Hodges doesn’t believe Russia will use nukes, in 2022, CIA Director William Burns has said “potential desperation” could cause Putin to deploy tactical nuclear weapons. He warned the threat can’t be taken lightly.

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