Facebook Banning Census Content

Facebook Banning Census Content

As the government gets ready to start the 2020 census, Facebook has announced that it’s taking steps to ban any misinformation that users, including politicians, might try to spread using the popular social media site.

In an attempt to “promote an accurate count of every person in the country,” Facebook will be deleting posts or ads that include false information or have the intent of spreading fear. In a statement, Facebook’s VP of US Public Policy said that they “will begin enforcement next month and use a combination of technology and people to proactively identify content that may violate this policy.”

Besides banning posts that have false information, they will also remove ones that “portray census participation as useless or meaningless.”

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights thinks this is a great thing for Facebook to do, adding, “Any good policy is meaningless without proper enforcement. We, along with our partners, will continue to work with Facebook to ensure that policies against census and voter interference are fully implemented. The census and our elections demand extreme vigilance — there are no do-overs.”

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