Facebook *Dislike Button* Over Reactions

Facebook announced it is working on a new “Dislike Button” which has stirred up quite a number of reactions from users; however, it was finally announced that the matter will not be as black and white as like/dislike. The video below is funny depiction, but the new feature it turns out will indeed give users a range of “reactions” they can leave on any piece of content. Continue reading below video…

The new “Reactions” (happy and sad emoticons) feature will undoubtedly give Facebook a lot of new data to use in its algorithm to rank more popular content higher up and for longer periods of visibility.
At UnitedVoice, we’re conflicted. We think a happy face and a sad face emoticon cannot compare to a “Dislike Button” as something very popular could indeed be sad and still a very high quality piece of content. Whereas “Dislike Button” clearly indicates that the content is not liked.
RIP Dislike Button–We were hoping to see it in action.