Fake Unity: Biden’s Call for Unity Is Divisive

Fake Unity: Biden's Call for Unity Is Divisive

(UnitedVoice.com) – America got a pep talk during President Joe Biden’s inaugural address on Wednesday, January 20. To the average person, it sounded like a great American speech. However, when we consider the context of the last four years, the speech took on a whole different meaning to more than 70 million people who voted for President Trump.

The newly sworn-in president’s call for unity rang hollow. What Biden did was re-create the Obama years in one speech. It was the very kind of language that led to Donald Trump’s rise in the first place. If one peels back the layers just a bit and parses what Biden said, it was a poison that tastes like chocolate. It’s delicious but deadly.

Does America Really Need Unity?

Unity happens only around common values. However, what are the values that hold Conservatives, Liberals, and Socialists together?

Should we unite around giving the government more control over our lives?

Do we agree that government running businesses is better than individuals or corporations running businesses?

Do we agree that trillions of dollars of private wealth should be transferred to the government through crushing regulations and taxes, only to be mismanaged?

Do we agree that government is the solution to poverty, racism and all our personal problems?

America isn’t suffering from a lack of unity. In fact, America was bred on disunity. Since 1776, Americans have disagreed on virtually everything. Disagreements are usually settled through debate, a competition of ideas, and rivalry. It’s been said that totalitarian countries have unity; Democratic republics disagree. That’s the point and purpose of elections and legislatures.

What Biden is ultimately calling us to isn’t unity. Americans generally unite around the Constitution, liberty, and opportunity. What Biden is asking of us is something very different.

What Is Biden Calling Us Too?

What Biden is calling for is obedience and conformity, not unity. His kind of unity is conditional. During his speech, he said that dark forces are seeking to divide America. What, or who, are these dark forces? He added that white supremacy and extremism are the roots of the dark forces that must be defeated. It’s the same language that’s been weaponized against Trump and conservatives for years.

Biden’s idea of unity is to unite around destroying those who disagree with far-left policy agendas. It’s coming down to either you believe in American ideals as determined by Democrats and the Left, or you’re a racist and nativist. Biden’s idea of unity is corrosive and divisive.

If you don’t consent, their solution is that you need to be deprogrammed and retrained from the cult of Trumpism. It’s a disguise and a trap. They use Trump in an attempt to shame Conservatives, and in doing so, they quiet any opposition to their bad ideas. That’s not America, nor should it ever be.

Biden wasn’t calling for unity. He was begging for more division.

How to Combat the Fake Unity Call

The way to combat Biden’s false narrative is several-fold:

  1. Start reading and learning about early American history. If Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson agreed, America would look very different today.
  2. Understand that the Left isn’t interested in unity or agreement. They are interested in power.
  3. Don’t take the bait and get emotional. Conservatives can overcome baiting with intellectual thought coupled with sharing examples from real life. It’s good to challenge and be challenged with those who are willing to engage. However, it’s a waste of time to convince people. Our goal isn’t to convince. It’s to persuade.
  4. Finally, be involved in the political process. Write, email, and call your elected lawmakers. Volunteer to help candidates you believe in or donate money. Consider running for office – even if it’s for the school board or another local position.

Unity isn’t unity for the sake of getting along. It’s manipulation. Instead of accepting it, get involved and find your place to contribute. America is built on an informed, involved electorate. Politicians are all scared of one thing — voters. When we learn we have the power as the “People” through our vote and voice, that’s when the divisiveness ends.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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