FALSE: Post Offices Are NOT Removing Sorting Machines

FALSE: Post Offices Are NOT Removing Sorting Machines

(UnitedVoice.com) – Lefties have been losing their minds over the past week, saying President Trump is using the Post Office to sabotage the upcoming election. They’re claiming the USPS is removing mailboxes and mail-sorting machines to gum up the works of the postal service going into an election that’ll see widespread mail-in voting.

However, the White House chief of staff says this simply isn’t true.

On Sunday, Mark Meadows appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, and he said the reports about sorting machines being taken out of service were “not based on fact.” He called it a “political narrative.”

Meadows said no postal sorting machines would be removed between now and the election. He added that the Democrats are trying to use this narrative to stoke fear in voters.


Jake Tapper pushed back some on Meadows’ claim, asking about machines that have already been decommissioned. Meadows said they were part of an “already scheduled reallocation.” He insisted the removals were not a new initiative by the postmaster general.

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