Family of Gabby Petito File Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Utah Police

Family of Gabby Petito File Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Utah Police

Gabby Petito UPDATE – Surprise Announcement!

( – On August 12, Utah police stopped 23-year-old Brian Laundrie and 22-year-old Gabby Petito after motorists claimed the two were involved in a domestic dispute. By the end of the month, the young man had murdered his girlfriend. Her family is now taking action against law enforcement.

On Monday, August 8, lawyers for Petito’s parents announced they’re filing a $50-million lawsuit against the Moab Police Department. The family is accusing officers Daniel Robbins and Eric Pratt of mishandling the 911 call that prompted them to confront the couple. A witness had called the emergency line to report he’d seen Laundrie striking the young woman.

Moab police spoke to the couple for more than an hour and determined Petito, not Laundrie, was the aggressor despite what the witness said they saw take place.

Fox News reported a statement issued by lawyer Brian Stewart accused the department of not being adequately trained to “recognize the obvious indicators of abuse.” According to him, had the police known those signs, they would have recognized that “Gabby was a victim of intimate partner violence and needed immediate protection.” He also said they took a photo of her with blood on her face.

An investigation by the city into the incident found officers made several mistakes when handling the call, including failing to cite Laundrie for domestic violence. He later admitted to killing Petito.

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