Farm Worker Immigration Deal Reached

Farm Worker Immigration Deal Reached

After months of negations from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, an agreement has finally been reached that could give undocumented immigrants a way to become legal citizens.

Immigrants who have done agricultural work in the US for an extended period will be allowed to apply for 5-year visas, which can then lead to citizenship. Anyone who applies must have a clean record.

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act, or FWMA, would also allow employers to limit wage increases, provide their workers with year-round visas and make it easier for farmers to file applications.

The bill is receiving a lot of support from industry groups. It’s backed by the United Farm Workers, the California Farm Bureau Federation and the UFW Foundation.

A study done by UC Davis found that an estimated 210,000 farmworkers in California are undocumented, so this could potentially have a significant impact.

Although members from both parties have agreed to the contents of the bill, it still has to pass through the House and Senate. If that happens, President Trump will still have to sign FWMA into law. So far, he hasn’t given his opinion on it.

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