Fast Food Chain Running Out of Staples

Fast Food Chain Running Out of Staples

( – One industry that’s been continuously affected by pandemics is the meat industry. We saw this during the Swine Flu for pork, the Bird Flu for poultry, and now once again during the COVID-19 pandemic — this time for beef.

Recently, Kroger, Sam’s, Central Market, and several other grocery chains have limited meat purchases to two or three packages per person. They’re also raising their prices.

But grocery stores aren’t the only ones affected. Many are turning Wendy’s trademark slogan “Where’s The Beef?” against them. Why? Because 18% of their locations will no longer serve beef, for the time being, focusing on other menu offerings.

Recently, Wendy’s has started promoting their chicken options, steering customers to these exclusive deals, while they slowly remove beef options from certain locations.

With grocery and fast-food locations being hit hard by COVID-19’s impact on the meat industry, one has to wonder when things will start looking better. In addition to beef, are other meats going to be taken from stores and restaurants as well?

Trump has taken action to keep the meat processing plants in operation, but is it enough?

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