Father Allegedly Tortures Twin Daughters for Years [Impregnates One]

Father Allegedly Tortures Twin Daughters for Years [Impregnates One]
Father Allegedly Tortures Twin Daughters for Years [Impregnates One]

A set of twins has mercifully escaped a brutal, sexually abusive father in Hennepin County. Both of the 20-year-old girls were violently raped and beaten by their father, 51-year-old Jerry Lee Curry of Minneapolis, since the tender age of 12. Experts reviewing the case have likened their experiences to internationally-recognized guidelines for torture in war and military exercises. Both girls are now safe, but will likely spend the rest of their lives recovering from their experience.

Key Facts

• Both of the two girls are intellectually challenged. One twin is so intellectually diminished that experts believe she functions at the equivalent of a toddler or very young child. Their developmental delays make them especially vulnerable to abuse, especially by “trusted” caregivers.
• At least one of the twins has reported being chained to a bed and/or the floor day in and day out. Often, the girls were left chained up, forced to urinate and defecate on themselves without access to proper hygiene.
• Curry twice impregnated one of the twins, first in 2014 and then again in 2017. She sought an order of protection in June of last year preventing him from accessing the children in an effort to prevent further abuse. The girls remain with the higher-functioning twin with community support.
• Both twins display evidence of extreme injuries on their bodies. Doctors who examined the girls identified that at least one had a semi-detached ear. Both had extensive scarring all over their bodies. One of the girls nearly lost both legs to gangrene after Curry chained her too tightly, cutting off the blood supply to her limbs.
• Curry’s motivations are strangely reminiscent of psychopathy. He claims he sexually abused the girls to teach them a lesson about eating too much food, talking to men, and becoming sexually active (outside the family). He is currently being held on $750,000 bail.