FBI Asked To Hand Over Possible Smoking Gun Bribery Documents

FBI Asked To Hand Over Possible Smoking Gun Bribery Documents

(UnitedVoice.com) – When House Republicans were running for reelection in 2022, they promised the American people they would open investigations into President Joe Biden’s family. For years, Conservatives have expressed concerns about Biden’s son, Hunter, trading off his dad’s political name in order to get rich.

The allegations of corruption date back years, including when Biden was former President Barack Obama’s vice president. The GOP kept its promise and is currently investigating the family. Recently, lawmakers demanded the FBI hand over documents associated with an alleged bribery scheme.

Lawmakers Demand Documents

On May 3, the House Oversight Committee issued a press release informing the public that Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-IA) teamed up to issue a subpoena demanding the FBI produce documents related to President Biden. The lawmakers claim federal authorities reportedly have a record of a “criminal scheme” involving a citizen of an unnamed foreign country and the then-vice president. It allegedly details a pay-for-play scheme where Biden exchanged money with the foreign official “for policy decisions.”

Comer said a whistleblower came forward and has raised concerns that the president, while he was serving in the Obama White House, was reportedly involved in an unspecified bribery scheme with an unnamed foreigner. Grassley said Republican lawmakers think the FBI document “includes very serious and detailed allegations.”

Comer pledged to find the truth for the American people and hold the president accountable if the allegations are true.

A spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee told Axios the allegations are quite serious, and lawmakers want to “know if the FBI followed up on this lead or if they sought to conceal it” to stop an investigation from proceeding. Neither the lawmakers nor the spokesperson explained exactly what the allegations are or who is involved.

White House Claps Back

The Biden administration responded to the allegations by lawmakers in an email to Newsweek on May 3. Ian Sams, a spokesman for the president, said the GOP has been “lobbing unfounded, unproven, politically-motivated attacks” against Biden and his family for five years “without offering evidence for their claims.”

Sams went on to say the GOP prefers “floating anonymous innuendo” that the conservative media amplifies in order to take attention away from their lack of solutions for the problems Americans are dealing with and other unpopular ideas. The spokesperson then went on a Twitter rampage, sharing television clips of Grassley and other Republicans saying they don’t have any information or know enough about the allegations to make any definitive conclusions.

The probe is in the early stages. Grassley and Comer have said the American people will get more information as the investigation moves forward.

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