FBI Confirms Huawei Technology Could Disrupt DoD Comms Involving Nuclear Weapons

FBI Confirms Huawei Technology Could Disrupt DoD Comms Involving Nuclear Weapons

Secret SPY Tech in AMERICA – FBI Confirms Our Worst Fears!

(UnitedVoice.com) – International spying makes for a great book or movie for many Americans. Unfortunately, the practice is alive and well in the real world. One of our country’s adversaries may be highly adept at learning US secrets under the guise of goodwill or business. Huawei is a Chinese-based telecommunication company and the world’s top 5G phones and technologies seller. Some government officials have expressed reservations that the foreign tech company is a front for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a direct threat to national security. Yet, the company denies that’s true.

In early 2017, intelligence officials warned the incoming Trump administration about the CCP’s attempt to infiltrate the country’s mobile communications network. It tried to build a tourist attraction in Washington, DC, that some say would have served as a surveillance platform. Then, it appeared Huawei was buying rural land near military installations. On Monday, July 25, CNN reported the telecom company might be working to capture sensitive nuclear communications and ultimately disrupt the military’s capabilities.

Is Huawei Helping China Spy On America?

In 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported the communist government offered $100 million to add a Chinese garden at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. At first, it seemed a good idea, but intelligence officials were suspicious. The plan included building a 70-foot tall pagoda on the highest points just a few miles from the Capitol building, which some believed was the best location in the city to capture intelligence information.

Additionally, officials told CNN the Chinese wanted to ship the materials through a special process to avoid examining the contents. The government scuttled the project, but it highlighted the potential lengths to which America’s most significant adversary might go to steal the nation’s secrets.

US security agencies say the CCP has dramatically increased its spy operations inside the US over the last decade. In 2017, officials began investigating land purchases near vital government installations — the most concerning involved Huawei. The company placed its equipment on top of cell towers. That would ordinarily appear appropriate. The concern was it was only doing it near military installations.

CNN reported the technology Huawei used could capture and disrupt communications within the Department of Defense and, more importantly, the US Strategic Command.

Could China Disrupt US Nuclear Communications?

US Strategic Command is responsible for the Air Force’s nuclear arsenal. Those familiar with the investigation told CNN it’s possible Huawei intercepted highly-sensitive and classified information and reported it back to Beijing. Still, from a technical angle, experts say it’s extremely difficult to prove the company stole sensitive data.

Weighing in on the side of circumstantial evidence, several people — including a former FBI insider — told the news outlet the equipment in question undoubtedly could intercept the restricted military communications and disrupt the military’s nuclear capabilities.

In 2020, Congress approved $1.9 billion to remove the Chinese cellular technology. Yet, telecom companies haven’t done so because the government hasn’t paid them.

So, are US officials really concerned about CCP spying?

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