FBI Identifies Juveniles as Persons of Interest in Recent Bomb Threats

FBI Identifies Juveniles as Persons of Interest in Recent Bomb Threats

(UnitedVoice.com) – Every February, America celebrates the contributions of African-Americans with Black History Month. Unfortunately, the month got off to a terrible start this year when more than a dozen predominantly Black colleges faced threats. Law enforcement has now reportedly identified the possible culprits.

On February 1, multiple people sent bomb threats to historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) across the country. They sent the schools into lockdown or closed them completely. Campuses were searched, while students and faculty members were faced with threats of violence that were allegedly racially motivated.

The threats came a day after several other HBCUs received similar threats.

According to reports, the FBI and local law enforcement officials in the US sprang to action. They quickly identified six juveniles who used sophisticated means to try to conceal their identities while they made the threats.

Bomb threats against any school or organization is always terrible. However, when the targets are Black people and it happens during Black History Month it’s hard not to draw a line between the threats of modern times and the actual bombings that took place during the Civil Rights movement. Even 60 years after the movement that brought America closer together, there are people who would like to disrupt that peace.

The investigation into the threats is ongoing.

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