FBI James Comey—Preventing a Mega Catastrophe

J. Edgar Hoover Building
J. Edgar Hoover Building

With a new batch of Clinton’s private emails in the FBI’s possession, unlike the WikiLeaks drops, we don’t yet know what exactly is contained in the evidence. We do know they were found on a shared computer belonging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who is under investigation for sexting with an underaged girl.
The information related to Hillary Clinton on this device was compelling enough to re-open the previous investigation into the Clinton email scandal and risk the extensive damage to her presidential campaign, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Senior members of the Department of Justice, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, were reportedly advised of Comey’s letter to Congress before he actually sent it. It sounds like the DOJ sent out the cavalry on Friday to stop him as it’s reportedly the standard practice for law enforcement and prosecutors to “avoid the appearance of meddling” before elections so they wouldn’t be accused of trying to influence them.
Yet, FBI Director Comey did it anyway.
Since Friday, the media has been speculating about Comey’s motivation and intent, particularly because it had seemed to go so askew of the DOJ’s “standard practice.” Some accuse him of trying to influence the outcome of the election, since Comey is actually a Republican. Others thought he was just trying to avoid the appearance of being in the DOJ’s, or President Obama’s, pocket.
Then there are others who see what an untenable position Comey had found himself in. Based on most accounts, Comey is known to have been an honest, moral, upright, man of character throughout his entire career working his way up through the ranks of the FBI.
When the Clinton email investigation started, it was likely he was under an enormous amount of pressure from the White House to avoid indicting Clinton. This summer, he pronounced the case closed and issued no indictments against Clinton. He testified to a congressional committee that Clinton had basically broken the law and had been “reckless” with the management of her emails. Was this his way of saying that he wanted to indict her, but the powers that be were exerting undue pressure on him to clear Clinton?
Can we give Comey the benefit of the doubt here? It is somewhat rare that a man who has historically been a man of character suddenly turns to the dark side. Trust in that possibility. Keep in mind, he’s the one with the most information and look what he did. It’s very possible he may have just saved our nation from an unimaginable mega catastrophe that we’re not even aware of yet. Clearly, he felt it was worth risking his career – if not his very life –  on that decision.
Clinton is demanding to know what the FBI has on her right now. We have our own demands: Save us all the trouble and just tell us what is on those computers Hillary.