FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer

FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer
FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer

The F.B.I. raided the office of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, this week, in what Cohen, Trump and many others are calling “an attack on our country.” Authorities seized multiple documents, including fax, email, and telephone records, as well as other records for services rendered while they were on site.

Key Facts

• Special Counsel member Robert Mueller, who is currently in charge of the Russian collusion investigation, ordered the raid. It isn’t clear whether he expected to find something specific to that investigation, or whether Cohen is being investigated for some other reason.
• Trump fired back at Mueller and his team from within the White House, saying that they were the “the most biased group of people” he had ever seen. He also accused Mueller of having “the biggest conflicts of interest” he had ever seen in his career.
• Trump also accused Mueller and his team of “targeting him” since the moment he took office, suggesting it “started right after [he] won the nomination.” He also believes there’s no basis for such attention. “It’s a disgraceful situation, it’s a total witch-hunt, I’ve been saying it for a long time,” Trump asserts.
• The documents seized seem to focus mostly on communication between Cohen and Trump before and after the election. Even more noteworthy is the fact that Mueller’s team also seized documents related to the Stormy Daniels case.
• More specifically, some of the documents highlight communications about the $130,000 in hush money Daniels claims to have been paid to keep quiet about her alleged relationship with the POTUS. Daniels continues to fight the legal order not on the basis that she wasn’t paid, but on the principle that it was never a legitimate payoff or contract.
• Officials also raided a hotel room currently occupied by Cohen and his assistants, seizing more documents. It isn’t known what these document contained, but some analysts have suggested that they may point to crimes outside of the Russian collusion case.
• Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, reacted swiftly, condemning the move in a statement to the public. “The decision by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York to conduct their investigation using search warrants is completely inappropriate and unnecessary,” he said. “It resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney client communications between a lawyer and his clients.”