FBI Stops Synagogue Bombing

FBI Stops Synagogue Bombing

Richard Holzer was arrested on Friday, November 1, by the FBI after uncovering his alleged plan to bomb a synagogue in Pueblo, Colorado.

An anonymous tip to the FBI informed them that Holzer had been making comments online that showed him to be a “possible threat to the community.” It was reported that he had been talking about killing Jewish people and posted a video of himself at a synagogue in Pueblo. Holzer also allegedly shared photos of himself with knives and guns.


During a press conference on Monday, November 4, Special Agent Dean Phillips said:

“This case emphasizes our continued efforts to aggressively and promptly address threats to our community to include violence against places of worship. I cannot stress enough the importance of reporting threats in our neighborhoods.”

Undercover FBI agents befriended Holzer online, where they report he suggested using Molotov cocktails to attack the synagogue.

Holzer has been charged with a hate crime and is being called a domestic terrorist.

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