FBI to Run Pilot Teen Academy Program

FBI to Run Pilot Teen Academy Program

FBI Looks Ahead to the Future – They Are Recruiting Teens!

(UnitedVoice.com) – A local FBI office has set up a new academy for teenagers. The El Paso, Texas, school will be open to all high school students in the city. The Bureau claims the program will give teens “a glimpse behind the scenes of the FBI.”

On May 4, the FBI’s El Paso Field Office called for any of the city’s high school students interested in the FBI to enroll in their Teen Academy, which will run from June 6-10. The course will include the FBI’s mission, evidence collection, how SWAT teams arrest suspects, and an overview of terrorism and cybercrime. Special Agents, intelligence analysts and other FBI specialists will present the classes.

The academy is open to any student enrolled in an accredited El Paso high school, whether it’s public, private or homeschool. The FBI says students who complete the course will “have a greater understanding of the FBI’s mission” and service. It also looks like they hope it will be a recruiting tool. The press release points out the FBI doesn’t just hire people with a law enforcement background and encourages anyone interested in the Bureau to apply. Is this something the FBI should roll out across the country?

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