FBI Whistleblower PUNISHED – They’re After Him!

FBI Whistleblower Allegedly Suspended

FBI Whistleblower Allegedly Suspended

(UnitedVoice.com) – According to House Republicans, the FBI has fired a whistleblower who leaked concerns about the Bureau’s investigation into the January 6 riot. The Bureau source alleged that their superiors had been exaggerating the threat from domestic terrorists and diverting agents from sexual abuse cases to the Capitol riot investigation. Now, GOP legislators are trying to find out exactly what’s going on.

Shocking Allegations of FBI Misconduct

On September 20, Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a tweet claiming, “The FBI SUSPENDED a whistleblower for refusing to carry out the Bureau’s politicized investigations.” The tweet asked how the media would have reacted if former President Donald Trump had done this and included extracts of a letter from a committee member to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, wrote the September 19 letter. It lists several of the whistleblower’s allegations about conditions inside the FBI, including

  • The Bureau’s Washington, DC, Field Office (WFO) is controlling the investigation into the January 6 riot with other field offices running parts of it “on paper” but working to WFO’s instructions.
  • WFO is violating standard FBI procedures by opening multiple case files on a single incident, namely the Capitol riot, and using that to create a perception of a widespread Domestic Violent Extremism (DVE) problem.
  • Agents are being pulled from other cases to work on the January 6 investigation. For example, the WFO is telling field offices that child sex abuse cases are “no longer an FBI priority,” and they should hand those cases to local law enforcement.
  • The FBI designated a grassy area near the Capitol as a restricted area and is retroactively prosecuting people who were in that area on January 6, 2021, even though it wasn’t restricted.

Jordan ended his letter by warning that “whistleblower disclosures to Congress are protected by law” and the committee would not tolerate retaliation against its sources. Yet, the Bureau has ignored whistleblowers’ protected status.

The Bureau Retaliates

On September 19, the FBI suspended Special Agent Steve Friend, a 12-year FBI veteran who served on the Bureau’s elite SWAT team, from the Daytona Beach, Florida, Field Office. Last month, Friend refused to participate in SWAT raids on January 6 suspects, citing his belief that the raids involved excessive force and were against FBI policy. He then submitted a whistleblower report to the Justice Department’s Inspector General and contacted the House Judiciary Committee.

On September 16, the Bureau became aware that Friend was clandestinely passing information to the House Judiciary Committee and stripped him of his security clearance. Then, on September 19, Jordan told Wray about Friend’s allegations. That same day, FBI authorities suspended Friend, stripped him of his badge and gun, and escorted him from the office.

Is the Bureau trying to shut down leaks to the Judiciary Committee, or are they just angry at what Friend has already revealed? Is there something else they’re hiding?

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