Federal Judge Blocks Border Wall Funds from Pentagon

Federal Judge Blocks Border Wall Funds from Pentagon

A federal judge from the US District Court for the Western District of Texas made a ruling on Tuesday that Dems are thrilled about. Judge David Briones declared that the Trump administration can’t use Pentagon construction funds to build part of the wall at our southern border.

In September, $3.6 billion in military construction funding was authorized to pay for 22 projects at the border by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Shortly after the authorization was given, a lawsuit was started by Border Network for Human Rights and El Paso County, Texas. They felt that President Trump was overstepping his authority by declaring a national emergency and diverting military funds.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell issued a statement saying:

“DoD is evaluating the injunction right now, and will work with the Department of Justice on the next steps. DoD will comply with all court orders.”

Looks like the fight for our security and safety isn’t over yet.

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