Feds Allegedly Restricted Questions About the “Big Guy”

Feds Allegedly Restricted Questions About the

(UnitedVoice.com) – Hunter Biden was under investigation by federal authorities for five years. US Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss began the probe into the current president’s son in 2018, during former President Donald Trump’s administration. After years of investigating, he finally charged the younger Biden with two misdemeanors and a felony. None of the charges were related to his allegedly shady business dealings.

Allegations are now surfacing about the federal probe into Hunter.

The “Big Guy”

On June 22, the House Ways and Means Committee released testimony from two whistleblowers who accused the FBI, Department of Justice, and IRS of interfering with the tax evasion case against Hunter. Gary Shapley Jr. was the person supervising the investigation at the tax agency. He claimed that decisions were made “at every stage” of the probe meant to benefit the president’s son.

Shapley claimed that in December 2020, the investigators were getting ready to interview Rob Walker, one of Hunter’s business associates, and they wanted answers about one email in particular. The whistleblower said the email read: “Ten held by H for the big guy.”

Shapley said he wanted to know who the “big guy” was and why it was held separately. He claimed Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf interrupted the questioning and said she didn’t “want to ask about the big guy” and didn’t want to ask questions about “dad.”

The whistleblower claimed multiple people objected, but she refused to broach the subject. “This upset the FBI,” Shapley said. According to reporting, President Joe Biden is referred to as the “big guy.” He also told lawmakers that Weiss reviewed a search warrant affidavit in October 2020 and said there was probable cause to search Hunter’s home. Despite that, he claims Wolf told officials they would not be allowed to physically search his residence.

Another allegation by one of the whistleblowers was that Weiss wanted to be named a special counsel, but the AG refused the request.

Attorney General Responds to Allegations of Interference

On June 23, the day after the House committee released the request, Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to allegations that he was involved in the probe. He said the attorney general is the only person with the authority to make the decision to name someone a special counsel, but “Weiss never made that request” to him.

Garland also said he gave Weiss “more authority” than he would have had if he were named a special counsel. Further, he said Weiss could have brought charges in other jurisdictions, contrary to the allegations made by the whistleblowers.

Hunter Biden will be in court in late July for his first appearance.

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