Fight Erupts On-Air During Heated Debate

Fight Erupts On-Air During Heated Debate

( – Geraldo Rivera is not known for his calm temperament. When he was a talk show host in the ‘80s and ‘90s he literally got into a physical altercation with a guest and often his hot temper would cause him to verbally lash out. Recently, that temper bubbled to the surface again.

On Wednesday, May 19, Rivera attacked Israel for the conflict with Hamas. He has repeatedly blamed the Jewish state for the conflict and demanded a ceasefire. During a segment on Sean Hannity’s show, his anti-Israel stance led to a loud confrontation with conservative Dan Bongino.

Bongino told Rivera that he’s sick of the “emotional game” he’s playing and told him to stop spreading “misinformation.” Rivera lost it and yelled, “Stop attacking me, punk!” When Bongino continued, Rivera crumpled up paper, threw it at the camera, and said, “I’m sick of you! You’re a punk!”

Clearly, Rivera has not learned how to control his temper. How can a person like him, who can’t even discuss something without losing it, tell Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu how he should respond to terrorists?

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