Film Explores What Happens If Trump Loses

Film Explores What Happens If Trump Loses

( – Starring a who’s who of Conservative and religious leaders, Trump 2024: The World After Trump warns that America’s very soul depends on President Trump’s reelection.

Slated for release on August 21, 2020, the documentary assembled a panel of notables who explain why they support President Trump.

For example, Martin Luther King Jr’s niece and pro-life activist Alveda King testified in the film.

The film also includes appearances by:

  • Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Ret.): the former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
  • Brigitte Gabriel: leading terrorism expert and the founder and CEO of ACT for America
  • Franklin Graham: the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse
  • Mike Huckabee: Arkansas’ former governor, TBN host, Fox News contributor, and New York Times best-selling author
  • Robert Jeffress: pastor and Fox News contributor
  • Tony Perkins: the fourth and longest-serving president of the Family Research Council
  • Dennis Prager: a nationally syndicated radio host and best-selling author
  • Paula White: the chair of President Trump’s evangelical advisory board

Freedom Is In Your Hands

As the documentary’s promotional materials explain, Trump’s reelection will save the United States from the rise of socialism, globalism, and abortion on demand.

Christian Broadcast News spoke with Mike Lindell, one of the film’s financial backers, who said he feared America is doomed if President Trump isn’t reelected.

Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Paul Crouch, Jr, a co-producer of the film, seconded that sentiment, adding America’s evangelical Christians needed to support President Trump despite any concerns they might have about his personal life.

“Listen, we did not elect Donald Trump to be the pastor of a church,” Crouch explained. “We elected him to be president.”

Trump 2024 addresses those themes and others of interest to conservatives and evangelicals. For instance, Dennis Prager talked about the ideological battle being waged over America’s future.

The Left “wants to fundamentally transform” the United States, he warned.

Brigitte Gabriel expanded on that theme, adding President Trump faces fierce opposition from the Left because he stopped enemies of America aiming to “continue the vision” of former president Barack Obama.

Franklin Graham pointed out the media works against Trump’s plan and stated that the MSM ” … hates him because he tells the truth.”

The 2020 presidential election could be the most important one in America’s history, and Trump 2024 is a powerful tool to aid in President Trump’s reelection efforts.

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