FINALLY! Proof of Anti-Trump Media Bias

FINALLY! Proof of Anti-Trump Media Bias

( – When one mentions the anti-Trump bias of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and a Liberal friend says something like “oh yeah, prove it!” It’s now possible. The Media Research Center (MRC) did a two-month study and found that there was a massive disparity in the way MSM is portraying the candidates.

The evaluation zeroed in on three of the most-watched TV shows in America which are:

CBS’s Evening News
NBC Nightly News
ABC’s World News Tonight

When it comes to evaluating President Donald Trump, the talking heads portrayed him in a negative light an astounding 95% of the time. Conversely, the Democratic Party’s presumptive candidate Joe Biden was treated with kid gloves either by direct praise or failure to examine any controversies.

Biden’s policy proposals, in his own words, would push his administration further Left than that of his old boss, President Barack Obama. Part of the Liberals’ plans is to build a façade of being a “moderate” around him, because they know the majority of the voter base are not fans of the hard left turn their party has taken. Terms like “Left-wing” and “progressive” were never uttered.

This group of Socialists/Communists are working overtime to build a false narrative around current events, and in fact, are attempting to make a fictionalized version of the country’s history, what schoolchildren learn as “truth” with elements like the “1619 project.”

The upcoming election in November will not only establish where the country’s moral compass will point for decades to come, but it may also give the leftist oligarchy free rein to continue the indoctrination of succeeding generations into their perverse Agenda.

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