Finally! Some Answers About COVID-19 Origin

Finally! Some Answers About COVID-19 Origin

( – President Trump ordered the defunding of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday. The main reason behind pulling America’s contributions is the fact they’ve severely mishandled the pandemic. They ignored “credible information” about the spread of the virus and failed to investigate the accuracy of China’s reporting.

During Wednesday’s coronavirus task force brief, President Trump responded to a question by Fox News’ John Roberts on the accuracy of the origin of the coronavirus. He said more and more unsettling information is coming to light as they examine the situation.

The US government has “high confidence” the virus originated in a virology lab in Wuhan, according to multiple sources who have been briefed on China’s actions. The Chinese government was determined to show the world their efforts to identify and contain a deadly virus was second to none, ultimately ending up in failure. 

Documents allegedly reveal an intern became infected at the lab and later infected her boyfriend. The boyfriend then visited the wet market in Wuhan, spreading COVID-19. The lab’s medical staff tried to contain the virus, but by then it was too late. 

The wet market in Wuhan was named as a possible source of origin. Sources say the wet market didn’t sell bats at the time of the outbreak, and China used this excuse to deflect all blame from the lab. 

Sources say they’re “100% certain” China did what it could to change data and destroy samples, erase reports, and even have academic articles edited. They ensured doctors and journalists who tried to warn of virus’ spread were silenced.

Still, China continues to deny the allegations the virus was started in one of their labs. COVID-19 has negatively impacted the world economy and caused thousands of deaths — 31,000 in the US alone. 

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