Finland Begins Construction of Wall Along Border With Russia

Finland Begins Construction of Wall Along Border With Russia

( – When former President Donald Trump took office, he promised the American people that he was going to build a giant wall on the Mexico-US border. During his administration, he chose a prototype for the structure and started replacing old fencing. Democrats were outraged, and so were some of the people whose land was seized to erect the fence. Construction continued despite the outrage because the 45th POTUS said it was needed to protect the country.

In Eastern Europe, Finland is creating its own border fence. It differs from the structure in the US in many ways, but the purpose is the same: to protect the country. Construction on the structure is now underway.

Finland’s Fence

The Russian war in Ukraine has displaced people in both countries. In Russia, people have fled to avoid being forced into the military. And considering the extremely high mortality rate of soldiers, it’s easy to understand why they wouldn’t want to be thrust into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war.

In 2022, thousands of Russians poured into Finland to escape the regime. Two weeks after joining NATO, the US ally started building a fence between its country and Russia in an attempt to stop mass migration and protect itself.

According to Reuters, the fence is expected to cover about 125 miles. The project is expected to cover critical areas and will be completed by the end of 2026. Ismo Kurki, the project manager, told the news organization that there is no expectation that the steel mesh structure would stop an invasion of its country. However, there will be surveillance equipment on it so that officials can keep an eye on the frontier.

America’s Border

When President Joe Biden took office, he stopped the construction of Trump’s border wall. That led to other states putting up their own structures, which the administration has been fighting. Then, the president quietly began construction on parts of the border again.

In September 2022, The Intercept reported that construction had started on a section of wall in Arizona. US Customs and Border Protection reportedly confirmed the work had begun again. The agency said it also had plans to reverse some of the environmental damage that was caused when the wall began going up during the Trump administration. It came at a time when illegal immigration crossings were completely out of control.

Though activists are angry about the structure in America, it seems other countries, like Finland, understand the importance of securing their own borders.

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