Fire at Trump’s Tower in New York

Fire at Trump's Tower in New York
Fire at Trump's Tower in New York

Around 84 firefighters were tackling a blaze this morning, on the top of Trump Tower in New York.

3 people were injured, according to TIME

As of yet, the cause of the blaze is unknown. However, it is being called an “HVAC fire” as of now.

Key Facts

• President Trump was scheduled to be in Washington today, and is not thought to have been in the building.
• Eric Trump, one of the sons of Donald Trump, tweeted praise to the NYFD for their quick response time and action in containing the situation.
• The blaze was in a cooling tower on top of Trump Tower, not inside the building itself.
• Secret Service was the first to spot and report the fire.
• The fire involved electrical components in the HVAC system, and was contained within one of the vents.

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What were your first thoughts when you heard there was a fire at Trump Tower?