Firefighters Share Concerns Over Electric Car Fires, Call for Big Changes

Firefighters Share Concerns Over Electric Car Fires, Call for Big Changes

EV WARNING Issued – Authorities Throwing RED FLAGS

( – When an electric vehicle (EV) catches fire, it takes an enormous effort to extinguish. A recent report on the issue by The Regulatory Review quotes firefighters and other officials who believe the EV industry needs to do more to address this perilous problem. There’s a notable lack of government regulation, and manufacturers seem reluctant to teach first-responders how to perform their jobs safely.

Fire Chief Palmer Buck of The Woodlands Township, Texas, told NBC News EV fires were like “trick birthday candles” because even after they go out, they tend to burst back into flames. The Regulatory Review report reflected the criticism when telling the story of a recent Tesla crash that took firefighters five hours to douse, only to have it reignite later at the junkyard. Five days after that, it glowed with flames again, leaving first responders frustrated.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a fact sheet and safety warning about the dangers of EV fires in January 2021. The agency called for far more research into high-speed accidents and wants to force manufacturers to address the issue of damaged batteries and how to drain and store them safely. The release leaned heavily on the need for first responders to have the knowledge and resources necessary to deal with an unexpected EV fire.

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