Flipping the Election – Still a Chance…

Flipping the Election - Still a Chance…
Flipping the Election - Still a Chance…

President-elect Donald Trump has probably done more as president-in-waiting than some presidents do in an entire term. He’s certainly been the most visible. But, some people forget he won’t officially be president until the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19 and registers their votes. So, has he jumped the gun on this thing? Will his supporters have to give back all the red “45” hats? Could Donald Trump still lose the presidency?
According to some of the “Never Trumpers” out there, there is still a chance. And it appears that they’re ready—by hook, crook, or any other means necessary—to ensure that Trump never sees the inside of Air Force One.
There’s more than one threat to Trump becoming America’s 45th president. First, there are the vote recounts initiated by failed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. Stein, who was never more than a blip on the candidate radar to begin with, has said that she believes votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were compromised by computer hacks and voter fraud. Of course, she doesn’t have any evidence to that effect. Nevertheless, she has been unyielding in her determination to get recounts in these three states.
So far, she has gotten her way in Wisconsin, where the recount began Thursday. And there have been some early reports that the recount may be working in Trump’s favor in this state. While Michigan started a recount Monday, it was reported late Tuesday that an appellate court in Michigan was trying to shut Stein down, saying that the MIchigan election commission should have never granted her request for a recount. This is because she was not considered an “aggrieved candidate,” nor did she have any chance of actually winning in Michigan—recount or no recount. In Pennsylvania, the request for recount is still waiting to be heard by a federal judge on Friday.
Trump won narrowly in these three states. So, is there a chance Clinton could win in a recount? It is HIGHLY unlikely. She would have to overturn the results in all three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
The never-Trumper folks are beginning to see with each passing day that recounts aren’t going to keep Trump out of the White House. So, they’re marshaling their forces and going at it from another angle. Now, they’re trying to change the minds of Trump’s electoral voters.
One of Trump’s first publicly “faithless electors,” (an Electoral College voter who changes his or her vote) is a guy from Texas, who signed a pledge during the summer to vote for Trump. In an opinion piece published in the New York Times on Sunday, he said that he felt he could no longer vote for Trump, in part because he wanted to vote for a president, “not a king.”
“I was told if we elected Donald Trump, he would transform his personality into being presidential,” he said. “He isn’t.”
It appears this guy from Texas isn’t the only electoral voter who can’t keep his word. Two Clinton electoral voters have filed suit in Colorado to overturn the state law that forces them to keep their promise concerning their vote. They want to vote for an alternate to Trump, like Ohio Gov. John Kasich (although Kasich has publicly asked electoral voters not to do this).
There is even an organization, www.hamiltonelectors.com, which is dedicated to starting some kind of revolution in the Electoral College and convincing Republican electors to vote for Kasich instead of Trump. Hamilton Electors is also preparing another 29 lawsuits in states that have laws binding electors to vote for the candidate to whom they were pledged. It is their hope to embolden Republican electors to either abstain from voting or at least not give their vote to Trump.
Will the never – Trumpers be able to start a revolution in the Electoral College big enough to keep Trump out of the White House? Like the recount effort, it’s highly unlikely. There would need to be some 37 or more faithless electors to flip this election.
So, stand fast, Trumpers. “The Donald” is still going to be number 45. Just remember that the never-Trumpers want not only to flip this election, but also to sow seeds of division and fear. They want to delegitimize him in the eyes of the American people and cast a shadow on his presidency. And don’t think for a minute that Clinton and the Democratic party aren’t ponying-up some dollars to fund these efforts. They are every bit as transparent as they seem.
The Electoral College gets together on Dec. 19 to officially register their votes. Between now and then, Clinton supporters and never-Trumpers will be fighting tooth and nail to keep the keys to the White House out of Trump’s hands. Don’t fall for it. It’s hard to say Trump is a sure-bet about a lot of things, but he is on this one. You can bet he’ll be the one on that inaugural platform on Jan. 20.