Flooding Threatens 25% of All US Infrastructure

Flooding Threatens 25% of All US Infrastructure

(UnitedVoice.com) – Hurricane Ida ripped through New York and New Jersey over the summer, leaving devastating flooding in its wake. Subway stations in NYC filled with water, shocking residents. Others died when the water poured into their homes. Now, a new report is issuing a dire warning.

On October 11, the First Street Foundation issued a report analyzing the flood risk on American infrastructure. The nonprofit flood research and communications group warned that rising water could render about 25% of the country’s critical infrastructure useless. That infrastructure includes police stations, hospitals and other structures.

According to the organization, the increased threat is a result of climate change. The group states the US is “ill-prepared for the extreme weather now becoming common due to our changing environment.” The recent severe flooding episodes are reportedly proof of that.

Over the next 30 years, the organization believes the problem is going to get worse. They recommend the US start fortifying its infrastructure and identifying the vulnerabilities to communities at a local level.

Some argue it’s also an indication that the government should start taking the climate threat seriously and do something more to combat the changing weather. Democrats and Republicans both believe climate change is a threat already, but they disagree on how to tackle the issue. Perhaps the latest report will convince them to find common ground.

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