Florida Begins Seizing Guns From Americans' Homes

Florida Begins Seizing Guns From Americans' Homes
Florida Begins Seizing Guns From Americans' Homes

As an American, the Second Amendment guarantees you the right to bear arms. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway, but we all know how the left spins the law on its head to serve their needs.
Wait until you get a load of this next piece of news…
Nearly 450 people in Florida are being forced, by the government and a new law, to hand over their firearms. And there isn’t a thing they can do about it.

Key Facts

• The demand stems from a new law signed into power by Gov. Rick Scott, called a “Risk Protection Order.” It gives law enforcement officers the right to demand people hand over their guns when “they believe” they are a danger to themselves or other people.
• Except…just what the hell does that even mean? When who believes what? It’s impossible to understand what the intention is here. Are police officers supposed to diagnose someone as being dangerous? What exactly defines dangerous? The new law, astonishingly, doesn’t do a fantastic job of clarifying.
• We do know that the law seems to be applied mostly to people who are currently, or who have been, involuntarily held in mental health facilities under the Baker Act. This includes everyone from teens with depression to single mothers with Bipolar disorder to combat vets with PTSD.
• Worse yet, it seems the decision to remove someone’s guns from their possession essentially comes down to a five-man team and one court hearing. No psychiatrists, no nurses, no doctors – just this…team. And the presiding judge, at least thus far, has approved every single request.
• Here’s where this gets really sticky. You can technically be suffering from anxiety or depression, yet living your life and hurting no one, and still be identified as someone who is “a danger to themselves,” costing you your right to bear arms. With 200 firearms confiscated since the law first took effect, and a total of 88 orders actioned, there’s no way this is happening only to the suicidal or violent.
• It doesn’t stop once they take your guns, either. Afterward, they can call anyone they “feel” you were planning to injure or harm, even if you just made a threat in passing because you were angry.
• Having a history of mental illness instantly makes you a “threat.” You don’t need to be extremely sick now, nor do you need to be at risk or a danger now. Check out this ambiguous-sounding snippet: “3. Evidence of the respondent being seriously mentally ill or having recurring mental health issues.”
• Struggled with anxiety in your early 20s? No guns for you. Were you hospitalized twice after a severe trauma, like a rape or assault? Congratulations, your gift for your struggle is the government telling you that you no longer have the right to bear arms and defend yourself. Because you’re a risk simply for existing.
• Even after they’ve taken your guns, called all your friends and told them how dangerous you are, they’ll still continue to mess with you. Once your order is up, they can renew it again if they decide – yes them, not necessarily any medical professional – you shouldn’t have weapons. And every consecutive order is a paper trail they can use to prove you have “recurring issues.”
• The Risk Protection Order is really a response to the Parkland shooting. Of course, taking everyone’s guns away to prevent active shooter events is more than a little bit ridiculous…but hey, logic isn’t everyone’s strong point. If only criminals and psychos would stop shooting people when the police ask nicely or make new laws.