Florida Candidate Makes Bizarre Claims About Aliens From Outer Space

Republican hopeful Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is unique. In fact, she so unique that some people think she might be absolutely nuts. It turns out the Floridan told the Miami Herald that she was visited by aliens, and abducted, when she was only seven years old. While we agree that you have to be pretty “out of this world” to handle being a politician with the state of America these days, it’s hard to see how someone who believes aliens stole her out of her bed can make reliable decisions.

Key Facts

• Rodriguez Aguilera described the aliens as looking like women with long blonde hair. She says that they not only abducted her, but also took her to their ship. But that isn’t the only claim that has us wondering about the state of her mental health and well-being…
• The candidate also claims that aliens gave her prophetic information about future events. She has stated in the past that these predictions give her the power to anticipate future struggles in her personal life and in politics.
• If that claim doesn’t make you nervous, it should. Think about the potential disasters of a politician basing their endorsements and ability to influence state politics based on what a bunch of aliens allegedly told them in childhood.
• Rodriguez Aguilera also claims that these so-called aliens speak to her regularly, often as casually as if they were enjoying an afternoon cup of java together. Who knew that hearing voices makes one a suitable candidate?
• However, not everyone thinks her “crazy” is enough to make her ineligible to replace Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. In fact, the Miami Herald spoke out in her favor, calling the alien abduction stories a “non-issue.” “Her bona fides as a former elected official, and now a businesswoman who spends time in other countries training women to run for office are solid,” the paper reported.
• Rodriguez Aguilera is a staunch supporter of human rights, both on home soil and on foreign territory. She has spoken here in the USA at events and in front of the United Nations in Switzerland. Her own father was a political prisoner in Cuba until she reached the age of 17.
• The Miami Herald also gave her bonus points for her “working class agenda.” Topics she focuses on include student loan debt, high tolls, consumer manipulation through the credit score system, high taxes, and hardship rental insurance designed to prevent homelessness. She is also a strong advocate for women in business and programs designed to lift women up in society.