Florida Latinos Could Thwart Biden

Florida Latinos Could Thwart Biden

(UnitedVoice.com) – For nearly six months, polls have shown Donald Trump gaining ground with Black voters in key battleground states. Much of that is due to his intense campaigning directed at them, specifically. Now, winning support for another minority group is proving to be problematic for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Latinos are increasingly showing their support for President Trump. It’s been noted that if Trump wins more than 18% of the black vote, he will win re-election. If Trump can also eat into the Latino vote, his victory is all but assured.

For decades, political pundits have taken the position that Hispanics would widely support the Democratic Party due to the hardline position of Republicans on illegal immigration. It may not be playing out that way, and that has Democrats in the critical battleground state of Florida worried. Whoever wins Florida’s 29 electoral votes will likely win the presidency in November.

Trump Overperforming from 2016

In 2016, then-candidate Trump lost Miami-Dade County to Hillary Clinton by 30 points, but still won Florida by 1.2% of the total vote. A new poll among Latinos in the state’s largest Democratic County has Biden and Trump in a virtual tie. That’s not supposed to happen.

The Trump campaign aggressively worked the area for four years, hoping to increase the vote totals. While Trump doesn’t need Miami-Dade county to win the state, it sure wouldn’t hurt if he could improve upon his 2016 vote totals in the Democratic stronghold and peel those who voted for Clinton in 2016 away from Biden.

The question is, at this point, is Biden underperforming, or is Trump overperforming?

What’s Driving Trump’s Approval’s Up Among Latinos?

In 2016, Trump won many of the Cuban voters in Miami. However, across the state, there are also Colombians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans who fled from socialist, dictatorship countries for freedom in America. The Democrat’s far-left message on economic issues combined with Trump’s consistent labeling of the Democratic Party as far-left socialists may be helping fuel the changing tide against Biden. Hispanics in Florida are generally more economically conservative and are pro-worker, anti-socialists.

Trump’s campaign is enthusiastic about the chances to win over Florida Latinos. In a recent call with reporters, Trump campaign Senior Adviser Jason Miller said the president would get over 40% of the Hispanic national vote. If so, that would not only be historical; it would be damaging to the Democratic Party, which relies on it.

Problems Across the Country

Biden doesn’t just have problems with Latinos in Florida. The Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation shows him underperforming compared to Clinton. Biden is ahead of Trump by 10 points among Latino voters. However, Clinton received 61% of the Latino vote to Trump’s 34%.

Additionally, an Emerson College poll conducted in late August, at the conclusion of the conventions, found Trump was performing 10 points better among Hispanics overall than in 2016.

This is good for Trump and Republicans. It may be what’s needed to propel them to victory in a few months and thwart Biden’s chances at taking the White House.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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