Floyd Defendant Out on Bond

Floyd Defendant Out on Bond

(UnitedVoice.com) – Protests over the death of George Floyd continue to occur all across the country. Some have even led to riots involving mass arson, looting, and violence targeting law enforcement agencies. Demonstrators originally demanded justice for Floyd starting with the arrest of all officers involved in his death — and they got their wish.

But now, one of those men has walked out of jail.

Local authorities charged Officer Thomas Lane with aiding and abetting Floyd’s death. At the time of the incident on May 25, he had served only four days on the force. But Lane has now managed to restore his freedom by paying a $750,000 bond with crowdfunded cash.

Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, defended his actions by sharing his version of the facts with local news outlets. He alleges that the ex-officer repeatedly cited the training manual during the event in an attempt to stop it. Chauvin reportedly responded by telling him to “shut up.” 

Compelling video evidence supports these claims.

How many Americans would speak up against their superior not once, but twice in order to do the right thing? Ultimately, Lane’s guilt or innocence will be in the hands of a judge and jury, but for now, he’s undoubtedly living in fear for his life as his release has caused public outrage.

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