Flynn Case: Biden/Obama Exposed, Appeals Court Rules

Flynn Case: Biden/Obama Roles Exposed, Appeals Court Rules

( – The prosecution of retired Lieut. Gen. Michael Flynn, which grew out of the Progressive Liberal’s collusion delusion, has been ordered to cease by a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. But that ruling may have come a day too late for those who seek to minimize the roles former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden played in all of this.

Court Ruling

Once President Donald Trump purged the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI of most of the high-level leftovers from the Obama administration, the farcical nature of the Mueller probe came to light. This led the new prosecutorial team to dismiss the charges. However, they never expected Judge Emmet Sullivan, who was presiding over the case to grossly overstep his bounds and refused to honor their motion.

Judge Sullivan took it a step further and made the legally-questionable decision to bring in a retired federal judge as an amicus curiae — aka “friend of the court.” His task was to not only develop and present arguments against the DOJ motion, but to determine if Gen. Flynn should be charged with perjury for attempting to withdraw his guilty plea. Defense attorneys had no option but to go to the appellate court.

In a 2-1 decision, the jurists ruled in favor of Gen. Flynn and ordered Judge Sullivan to dismiss the case. The decision also puts an end to the process of arguing against the motion, rendering it moot.

The Obama/Biden Factor

The day before the appellate court decision was made, the defense lawyers filed a notification of newly-discovered exculpatory evidence. This came in the form of handwritten notes taken during a White House meeting about the phone calls between Flynn and members of the Russian government. This still partially-redacted document casts even more doubt upon his claim he had no knowledge of the issue. It also further fuels speculation that the prosecution may have occurred in the first place because of personal animosity between Obama and the general.

Obama and President Trump met in the Oval Office shortly after his November 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton, where the outgoing president gave warning about Flynn. The general was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under Obama and was openly critical of his handling of the situation with ISIS amongst other things.

But the notes detail a meeting that took place just before Inauguration Day, and indicates it was Biden himself who suggested using the Logan Act against Flynn. They also record Obama asking: “Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition team?” The response is the calls themselves should be withheld even though they “appear legit.”

In conclusion, it appears that there may have been acts of collusion committed during the transition. However, they don’t seem to involve a Russian-Trump team connection, but rather the first steps of the Democrats’ attempt to subvert the election process that sent Clinton home with her tail between her legs.

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