Focus Group Highlights Problems for Biden

Focus Group Highlights Problems for Biden

( – Michigan is a vital state for both Joe Biden and President Trump. In 2016, the president shocked the world when he won the traditionally blue state. Could he do it again in 2020?

According to an Axios focus group consisting of Michigan swing voters in important counties that could decide the election, the president has a good chance of taking the state again. The group was composed of nine voters who cast ballots for President Obama and flipped to Trump in 2016.

Here are a few takeaways from the focus group:

  • On the economy, it’s the number one issue. The majority didn’t blame Trump for the current economic issues. They cited a strong and growing economy since he took office up until COVID-19.
  • They questioned Biden’s cognitive ability to be president.
  • Several expressed concerns Biden wouldn’t be in charge and said he wouldn’t be running the country and would be controlled by the deep state.
  • They weren’t interested in knowing Biden’s positions as an alternative to Trump.
  • Trump’s high-profile presence overshadows Biden’s lower profile virtual events.
  • Most couldn’t name a single achievement by Biden despite nearly 50 years in public office.
  • Two voters agreed Biden looked like a “puppet” for wearing a mask and was doing it because it was politically correct.
  • Like Trump, Biden has his own problems with blunders, and he stutters too much. One said Biden appears to get “lost in his answers.”
  • Seven of the nine voters said they were voting for Trump again. Two voters said they’re not voting for Biden, they’re voting against Trump.

It seems possible Trump could very well take the state again, and that’ll help him win the 2020 election. One thing is clear — every vote counts.

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