Food Recalls: Yellowfin Tuna, Soups, Wraps and Salads

Alfa International Seafood Yellowfin Tuna

Alfa International Seafood’s yellowfin tuna steak products have been recalled due to the risk of food poisoning. Several people who consumed the products developed symptoms of scombroid fish poisoning. Scombroid poisoning occurs when people eat fish that contain higher than normal levels of histamine.

If fish aren’t refrigerated at an appropriate temperature, then bacteria start to break down the flesh. This process raises histamine levels.

The recalled yellowfish tuna steak products were sold in Kroger grocery stores and chains in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Symptoms of scombroid fish poisoning resemble an allergic reaction, including tingling in the mouth, rash, itchy skin and facial swelling. To date, five people have gotten sick from eating the recalled tuna steaks.

BCI Foods Inc Meat and Poultry Soup

BCI Foods has recalled their canned meat and poultry soup products because they were not inspected by the USDA.

Items involved in the recall are:

Chef’s Cupboard Classic Homestyle Chicken & Wild Rice
Chef’s Cupboard Classic Homestyle Italian-Stye Wedding with Meatballs & Chicken
Chef’s Cupboard Chucky Beef with Country Vegetables
Chef’s Cupboard Chucky Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables

The products included in this recall do not have the USDA mark of inspection on them. They were shipped to Aldi stores in Pennsylvania and New York.

The USDA recommends throwing the recalled products away or returning them to the store.

Urban Remedy Wraps and Salads

Urban Remedy has recalled their wraps and salads due to a risk of E. coli in their spinach.

Urban Remedy’s spinach supplier has tested positive for E. coli. The company has since stated they will find a new supplier for their spinach.

The products involved in the recall were sold in California Urban Remedy stores, Whole Foods, and online.

Items involved in the recall are:

Black Rice Umeboshi Bowl
The Benedict Brunch Bowl
Samosa Cauli Wrap
Green Tea Leaf Salad

Symptoms of E. coli infection are abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Thankfully, no illnesses have been reported so far.

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