Food Recalls You Need to Know About – 2/12/2020

Food Recalls You Need to Know About - 2/12/2020

( – We’ve got four recalls this week for items that could put you or your family, at risk of falling ill. Make sure that you have none of the following products in your home.

Missa Bay LLC – 02/10/2020

Missa Bay LLC is recalling over a thousand cases of their Ready Pac Bistro Bowl Spinach Dijon Salad because of undeclared allergens.

The salads contain wheat and eggs, which are not identified on the label or ingredient list. Anyone who has a sensitivity or allergy to wheat or eggs could suffer a serious allergic reaction if they eat one of the salads. Although the eggs are not listed on the label, they are visible through the packaging.

The salads being recalled were sold through retail stores in Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Missouri.

Their product lot code, which can be found on the top label, is 255588007. They have a use-by date of February 18, 2020.

The company is requesting that anyone who has this salad in their fridge return it to the place of purchase for a refund.

Family Traditions Meat Company – 02/08/2020

Family Traditions Meat company has recalled almost 300 pounds of their ready-to-eat beef sticks because the product contains milk, which is not listed on the label. Milk is a known allergen that can cause life-threatening reactions in some people.

The packages involved in the recall are 3 ounces and 6 ounces with lot numbers 00620, 33719 and 31819 printed on them. They’re labeled as “Arcadia Meats Smoked Beef Sticks Original,” and were sold in Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Kansas.

If you have this product in your home, the company is requesting that it be thrown away or returned to the original place of purchase.

Corinthian Foods – 02/10/2020

Corinthian Foods is recalling its “Uncooked Sweet Potato Crusted Alaska Pollack Nuggets” sold in stores throughout Michigan because the bags actually contain chicken nuggets.

The problem was discovered when an employee realized that the label on the packages did not match up with the label on the cases. It was later found that the wrong labels were applied at some point during the packaging process.

The bags being recalled are 5 pounds and have a date code of CF35319. You can return them to the original place of purchase for a refund.

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