Forbes Doesn’t Want You to Think For Yourself

Forbes Doesn't Want You to Think For Yourself

( – Forbes magazine published an article by theoretical physicist Dr. Ethan Siegel, which essentially says that average people are not smart enough to think for themselves. The question is, is that truly what’s best for Americans?

It’s his considered opinion, when it comes to issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and the theory of man-made climate change, people should just believe what they’re told. What he fails to address is what to do when experts conflict or have reversed themselves at least once.

Back in late February, the US Surgeon General infamously yelled at the public via Twitter saying “STOP BUYING MASKS!” Also, an article published on March 31, 2020, noted the CDC said “healthy people do not need to wear face masks…”

Now, of course, not only do the experts say that those coverings are absolutely vital, but state and local jurisdictions across the country are mandating them. Not only that, but big tech companies are actively silencing any medical professionals who would argue against it, denying the public the opportunity to hear both sides of the scientific argument.

The only way to make informed decisions about one’s health and safety, as well as that of their family, is to compare the conflicting opinions and decide for themselves. However, the Progressive Liberals are working overtime to make sure you only hear the information that has their stamp of approval.

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